Bidibidi FM 95.3

Welcome to BIDIBIDI FM 95.3 !  We are the first community based radio station in Bidibidi, the biggest refugee settlement of Uganda and once the biggest in the world. We are a team of refugees and host community members. Through the station, we aim to give refugees a voice and a sense of community. We aim to foster peace and harmony through providing a platform and a voice to those who need it most. We wish to grow and inspire the entire region in this way, using the power of radio, music, and discussion. 

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Your Story, Our Voice - from Community to Community

BIDIBIDI FM We started broadcasting on May 24th, 2023. We are currently with six crew members in the studio and with six correspondents and content creators in different parts of the refugee settlement. We are 24/7 on air as well as online. We are supported by UNHCR, the Office of the Prime Minister, Straight Talk Foundation, DW Akademie and REF FM Foundation.  We cover the biggest part of the Bidibidi Refugee Settlement.

We operate from the base camp in Bidibidi. Bidibidi used to be a small village before becoming a refugee settlement opened in August 2016.  Since then, the Uganda government and Ngo’s have worked to create a settlement rather than a camp to host and contain the influx of the growing number of asylum seekers from South Sudan. Formerly a huge, empty, arid patch of land near the small Ugandan border town of Yumbe, today it is home to some 270.000 refugees. Bidibidi in the  National Geographic


Other members of the REF-FM family

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REF FM Kyangwali Uganda. Kyangwali is one of the bigger refugee settlements in Uganda. The station is run by and for refugees and host communities, with the aim to help inspire them to become active and self-reliant members of their communities.